General Questions
  • What is the Gaming Station?

    The Station Wagon is a gaming van where kids and grownups alight can play on a variety of PS4 console games.

  • By choosing a date and time on our booking system as well as a £50 deposit. When the money deposits in our account we’ll send you a confirmation email.

  • If you don’t get a confirmation email after you have made the deposit payment, please contact us at info@thestationwagon.co.uk

  • We travel in Altrincham and 15-mile radius around it. If you’d like somewhere outside this area there will be a travel surcharge depending on the distance travelled.

  • We would ask you to make sure that we have parking available (approximately 2.5 car lengths), we have access to a power point (plug socket) and if possible we would like to connect to your router for a secure internet connection

  • We just need access to a plug socket to power the equipment on the Station Wagon. Everything else will be provided by us, including extension cables which can reach up to 50 m in length.

  • The Station Wagon has its own Internet connection but because in some places there is poor signal strength we would like to use your internet connection via cable, so that you can have a better experience.

  • The Station Wagon needs approximately two and a half car spaces to be able to park comfortably.

  • That would be the responsibility of the person who made the booking. The reserved parking place should be in accordance with the parking rules.

  • We recommend from approximately age 8, but different games have different video game content rating age requirement. For example, some games rated with PEGI3 are for kids of age 3 and up. Please make sure that all the kids are allowed to play the chosen game, since we do not have the authority to check a children’s age. If you have any question regarding the video game content rating age requirement for our games, please don’t hesitate to contact us. E-mail: